Battery for Makita 1220 1222 1233 1234 192681-5

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Product Information / Description

Battery for Makita 1220 1222 1233 1234 192681-5

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Product Description

Compatible Part Numbers: 1220, 1222, 192681-5, 632804-8 fit models: MAKITA Makita 1050 Series Makita 1050D, Makita 1050DA, Makita 1050DRA, Makita 1050DWA, Makita 1050DWD Makita 4000 Series Makita 4013D, Makita 4191D, Makita 4191DWA, Makita 4191DZ, Makita 4331D, Makita 4331DWAE, Makita 4331DWD, Makita 4331DWDE, Makita 4331DZ Makita 5093 Series Makita 5093D, Makita 5093DWA, Makita 5093DWD, Makita 5093DZ Makita 6000 Series Makita 6213D, Makita 6213DWAE, Makita 6213DWBE, Makita 6216DWDE, Makita 6217D, Makita 6217DWDE, Makita 6217DWDLE, Makita 6223D, Makita 6223DE, Makita 6223DW, Makita 6223DWE, Makita 6227D, Makita 6227DW, Makita 6227DWE, Makita 6227DWBE, Makita 6227DWLE, Makita 6270DWAE, Makita 6270DWALE, Makita 6313D, Makita 6313DA, Makita 6313DWAE, Makita 6313DWBE, Makita 6314DWBE, Makita 6316D, Makita 6316DWA, Makita 6316DWAE, Makita 6316DWB, Makita 6316DWBE, Makita 6317D, Makita 6317DWAE, Makita 6317DWDE, Makita 6317DWDRE, Makita 6317DWFE, Makita 6319D, Makita 6319DWFE, Makita 6327DWE, Makita 6835D, Makita 6835DA, Makita 6835DWA, Makita 6835DWAE, Makita 6835DWB, Makita 6835DWD, Makita 6914D, Makita 6914DWDE, Makita 6916D, Makita 8000 Series Makita 8270DWAE, Makita 8270DWALE, Makita 8413D, Makita 8413DWAE, Makita 8413DWDE, Makita 8413DWFE, Makita 8414DWFE Makita DA312 Series Makita DA312D, Makita DA312DWA, Makita DA312DWD, Makita DA312DWF, Makita DA312DZ Makita ML Series Makita ML120, Makita ML121 (Head Lamp), Makita ML122, Makita ML123 (Fluorescent Automotive Light), Makita ML124 Makita UB Series Makita UC120 Series Makita VR Series


  • Battery Type:Ni-Cd rechargeable battery | Color:Red
  • Capacity: 1700mAh|Volt:12.00V |Dimension:84.40 x 93.80 x 102.90 mm
  • Compatible Part Numbers: 1220, 1222, 192681-5, 632804-8 battery
  • Fit model:MAKITA 1050, 4000, 5093, 6000, 8000, DA312, ML, UB, UC120, VR Series
  • Made with the highest quality cell *Full one year warranty

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